Tedde Abbott, CHT
Hypnosis for Healing and Self Improvement

Tedde Abbott, CHT

Hypnosis for Healing and Self Improvement

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state like daydreaming that is useful for self improvement and making positive changes in your life. You are focused, alert, and aware of your surroundings. It is relaxing and pleasant. Most people are in and out of this state every day, for example when you are caught up in a good book or movie, or when you are doing something repetitive and lose track of time. The difference is that you choose to be in this state, and you are motivated to make a change.

Is it safe? Can I get stuck in the hypnotic state?

Yes, it is safe, and no, you can't get "stuck". Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness. You are not unconscious or asleep. It's like daydreaming about a positive goal that you want to reach. If you choose, you can simply open your eyes at any time.

Will I reveal private information?

No, you will not reveal anything you don't want to reveal. You are always in complete control. You are simply relaxing and imagining your positive goals.

Can I be hypnotized?

Most people of normal functioning intelligence can be hypnotized by an experienced hypnotist. You need to be willing, motivated, and able to concentrate. If you can worry or daydream, chances are you can enter hypnosis.

Do you control me during hypnosis?

No, can you imagine if this were true! This may be the biggest misunderstanding about hypnosis. The opposite is actually true. A qualified hypnotist simply acts as a guide to help you reach a deeply relaxed state, where mutually agreed upon goals are worked on. Hypnosis gives you complete control. Because you are in control, all hypnosis is really self hypnosis.

Can you teach me self hypnosis?

Yes, self hypnosis can be easily learned by virtually any client and can provide benefit throughout your life.

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Tedde Abbott, certified hypnotherapist, has been helping clients in the greater Cleveland area, throughout northeast Ohio, and around the state since 1992. Click here to see how Tedde has used hypnosis therapy to help clients achieve their goals.